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the length of your body

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The results of the study of the body length of contemporary children are represented in Table 1.
Rubin and his research team members recorded the mite running at 322 body lengths per second.
From birth to 4 months of age, the mean daily weight gain (DG), body weight, withers height, body length, heart girth, and chest depth were calculated for every month of age.
The body length and wheelbase 75 millimetres longer than the predecessor model, enhancing seating comfort for rear passengers with a esporty appearance thanks to a 39-millimetre increase in width and 5-millimetre reduction in height.
In cases in which intersex fish were only mildly feminized, body length was correlated with reproductive success; reproductive performance was negatively correlated with the severity of intersex.
2 confirms that the distribution and overlapping of body length in different age categories is much wider than those of body mass.
4 meters per second need only one-tenth of their body length to turn completely around, in the face of an oncoming coral reef, for example.
Weight, body length and head circumference were all correlated with breast cancer risk in adulthood.
In addition, Black & Dodson (2003) showed that there are no significant differences in the body length of Daphnia (Cladocera) when the measurements of fresh and formalin or ethanol preserved animals are compared.
5-mm orifice, 116-mm body length, and 24-mm tip length.
5 times the animal's body length, the bat's tongue sets a record for the longest mammal tongue in relation to body size.
In addition, ten individuals from each day class were removed and body length and total length measurements were obtained using an ocular micrometer.