body language

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communication via the movements or attitudes of the body

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William and Harry have always been tightly bonded but they have also grown together using very different body language signals.
The trainer, who is considered to be one of the best body language trainers in Europe, will teach all about body language basics, how to recognise lies and micro expressions, how to lead naturally using body language correctly and how to increase your income by gaining trust and trusting others.
Immigration officials are especially trained to zero in on suspects just by looking at their body language.
Be mindful of the body language cues of the other person.
MISMATCHES | - Look out for mismatches between a person's body language and what they are telling you.
One of the strongest examples of the power of body language came at the dawn of the television age in the 1960 US presidential debates where a young Senator John F Kennedy, the Democratic candidate, faced up to Republican candidate Vice President Richard Nixon in the race for the White House.
The body language, eye contact, physical appearance, and tone of voice provide meaningful information to the a udience.
Body language experts say 90% of our body language is responsible for first impressions, so pay attention when you meet someone for the first time - if they are leaning towards you, shoulders and feet facing you, they feel comfortable around you.
Body language is a means of transmitting information, just like the spoken word, except that it is achieved through facial expressions, gestures, touch, physical movements, posture, embellishments (clothes, hairstyles, tattoos.
Humans have refined communication and expanded its scope manifold through the use of spoken and later written language, but still use body language to communicate consciously or unconsciously.
Washington, June 27 ( ANI ): Post 50 women find it difficult to flirt because of poor body language, a dating expert has revealed.
The book is entitled “I Can Tell You Are Lying” and places the signs and signals of dishonest body language into an easy to memorize ABC style list.
This is all well and good, but when we become too focused on listening, we often overlook the most important part of the interaction: the prospect's body language.
and Tour de France phoney still lying) LANCE Armstrong's body language during his interview suggests he didn't tell the whole truth, experts said yesterday.
BAHRAINI companies could be losing business because they are shunning the importance of body language, it has been claimed.