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communication via the movements or attitudes of the body

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MISMATCHES | - Look out for mismatches between a person's body language and what they are telling you.
One of the strongest examples of the power of body language came at the dawn of the television age in the 1960 US presidential debates where a young Senator John F Kennedy, the Democratic candidate, faced up to Republican candidate Vice President Richard Nixon in the race for the White House.
htm) Read: Beyonce and Jay Z's Body Language at the VMAs Spells Marriage Trouble, Expert Claims
No, body language is a lot more detailed than that, and involves all sorts of things you may never have considered.
In Matsumoto and Hwang's previous research, observers labeled the body language of athletes seen in victorious poses as "triumph" and established triumph as potentially being a separate expression from pride, which requires more cognitive thinking and reflection.
If you want to make someone feel comfortable with you, carefully (and subtly) mirror their body language.
Reading body language requires that one be observant to detect "tells" (clues that our bodies give off).
According to the inspectors, the traveller's body language showed that he was extremely nervous and scared, which caused them to keep a close eye on him.
By learning to focus your conscious attention on analyzing the body language of others, you will be able to determine when another person is being dishonest because his or her body language will tell you.
And his body language wasn't great on Saturday against Wigan Athletic, it has to be said.
And his body language wasn''t great on Saturday against Wigan Athletic, it has to be said.
and Tour de France phoney still lying) LANCE Armstrong's body language during his interview suggests he didn't tell the whole truth, experts said yesterday.
BAHRAINI companies could be losing business because they are shunning the importance of body language, it has been claimed.
Learn more from Mr Body Language at his 'Communicating for Results' workshop at Le Meridien Hotel, Dubai
ISLAMABAD -- Deaf people who use sign language are quicker at recognizing and interpreting body language than hearing non-signers, according to new research from investigators at UC Davis and UC Irvine.