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short hair growing over a person's body

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By the time the hair samples were to be taken, the father had insufficient hair, including body hair, to test.
It's not necessary, but many girls and women remove their body hair.
The report carried out by doctors from the University of California, San Francisco, concluded that body hair stylists should cut back on their grooming and delay sex until their pubic area had healed.
While it's not news that beauty standards are socially constructed, Herzig uncovers a little-known piece of this history: the US obsession with body hair originally focused on men, namely, the colonists' fascination with Native American men's apparent hairlessness.
Body hair tends to grow in darker and thicker as you develop (similar to the way boys grow facial hair and get deeper voices).
The only thing which will help is a public exposure to the reality of women's body hair.
While beards remain popular, more men than ever are removing or grooming their body hair, according to a pair of recent surveys.
Humans used to have a similar defensive fluffing up of their body hairs, but once again, the effect is now ruined.
The Study: The age of onset of body hair growth, voice deepening and facial hair growth was determined for 3,199 boys.
Washington, June 20 ( ANI ): Doctors at Yale University have found a successful targeted treatment for the rare and highly visible disease called alopecia universalis, which results in loss of all body hair.
An innovative, new Patent Pending Technology design that insures that hair stands straight up to create the best hair cutting experience, the Body Hair Cut, has been developed by Scott Thompson of Dublin, California.
Men's body hair has been identified as one such area in need of enlightenment and further study (Boroughs & Thompson, 2002).
In fact, if you have no body hair (due to cosmetic intervention) consider yourself disqualified.
Body hair, a study by the University of Sheffield found.