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The letter urges the two Cabinet ministers to recognise that an economic development body covering the entire region is "essential" to drive private-sector investment, jobs and manufacturing recovery.
CLWYD South MP Martyn Jones has backed the Government's announcement for one unified regulatory body covering bailiffs across England and Wales.
Anthropologist Jablonski delves into the natural history of skin in animals and people and explains its structure and function, its evolution as a nearly hairless body covering in people, and the utility of its pigment melanin.
The three strategic health authorities in the West Midlands are to be merged into one body covering the entire region.
Chevy Chase, 1987-88: In 1988, he told viewers that Cher ``has decided against the wardrobe of just the dress shields and odor eaters and is going for the full body covering.
The Ofcom board will oversee the creation of the new independent regulatory body covering broadcasting, telecommunications and the responsibilities of the existing regulators in these sectors, the Broadcasting Standards Commission (BSC), the Independent Television Commission (ITC), the Office of Telecommunications (Oftel), the Radio Authority and the Radiocommunications Agency.
The new finding in China suggests that tyrannosaurs and velociraptors at least had a fluffy body covering, if not true feathers," Norell says.