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a count of troops killed in an operation or time period

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But the most surprising number of body count is none other than the club's president, Jax Teller, with a whopping number of 46 murders, including his own life.
Iraq Body Count also said that the security crisis in Iraq was "notable for its sheer relentlessness".
Iraq Body Count has recorded up to 106,000 documented violent Iraqi civilian deaths since 2003, although the true figure is likely to be much higher.
Don't mention: The song Cop Killer, which he recorded with Body Count.
The study conducted by King's College and Royal Holloway of the University of London, and non-profit group Iraq Body Count, found that of 60,481 civilians killed between March 20, 2003, and March 19, 2008, 33 percent were abducted and executed.
But Saddam would certainly be awestruck that a body count accumulated over 35 years of totalitarian oppression could be seriously challenged in just 31/2 years by the U.
Iraqi civilian casualty estimates from Iraq Body Count and The Lancet.
At the start of the movie he finds himself imprisoned and can't remember why, then is released and given five days to figure out what he did, as a new body count grows.
And as the body count rises she is pursued by a woman homicide detective - both fantastic characters that drag you along through twist after turn.
In a way, "The Black Donnellys" is kind of like "The Knights of Prosperity," about some really inept bad guys, only with a gruesome and escalating body count.
As Straker and Pierce play their roles as groupies perfectly, they delve deep into the wrestling world as the body count rises and word is caught that the perpetrator happens to be a wrestler.
But mass carnage and a high body count are not prerequisites for a frightening story.
The body count would almost be as high as in real life, though the consequences would be a bit more permanent.
Luckily, we had the genius of Ice-T's Body Count to bring us together.