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a cavity in the mesoderm of an embryo that gives rise in humans to the pleural cavity and pericardial cavity and peritoneal cavity

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The whole airport security mania is largely symbolic, and body cavity searches would upset far more people than they would reassure - so in this case, common sense trumps "security".
11) The Talmud defines pregnancy in three trimesters in which the uterus ascends in the body cavity and then descends to prepare forgiving birth.
The spider's simple heart--made up of a muscular tube with an opening on both sides--pumps bloodlike fluid into the body cavity.
That body cavity was surrounded by a thick layer of adipocere, a hard, grainy substance commonly known as grave wax.
The court held that the officer's alleged subjection of the inmate to a needlessly intrusive unclothed body cavity search in the presence of a female officer violated the Fourth Amendment, but the officer was entitled to qualified immunity because there was no clearly established right of inmates to be free from bodily exposure to officers of the opposite sex at the time of the search.
Scoop out the innards in the body cavity of the shell.
The use of Krehalon's specially-developed film material, combined with Multivac's know-how in thermoforming has created a pack that can be as tight-fitting as a second skin on a wide range of products, including primal cuts, joints of meat, whole chickens (where it should be used with gassing, as a high vacuum would cause the body cavity to collapse), hams, cheese and pizza.
You can retrieve tenderloins, liver, and heart from the body cavity later.
Medical examiners and forensic pathologists permanently maintain microscopic slides that contain biological evidence from a swab of a body cavity taken at the time of an autopsy.
Of the 12 travelers subjected to to body cavity searches, five were guilty.
Of particular importance, the researchers say, is the clear presence of a complete separation of the body cavity into two parts, one containing the lungs and heart, the other holding the liver and entrails.
A HERNIA is when part of an organ is pushed through a weak point in the body cavity wall.
The next step was then to fill the body cavity of the chicken with about one pound of salt.
The RFE is controlled by a patented Electronic Trocar Monitor that instantly stops the cutting energy upon trocar tip penetration of the body cavity, greatly reducing the presently inherent dangers in use of conventional sharp lacerating trocars and the forward thrust of mechanical safety shields.