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a bag in which the body of a dead soldier is placed

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Nephew Eddie Hester said: "I watched them put him in a body bag at 10.
But while he was taken to the funeral home the pensioner's pacemaker kicked back in and he woke up terrified in the body bag.
Undertakers put her in a body bag and drove her to Hinchingbrooke Hospital in Huntingdon, where the chilling blunder was discovered.
Eisa was about to be placed into a cold storage locker when medics noticed movement in the body bag.
The idea that a child old enough to ride a bicycle around the neighborhood may see a body bag removed - or that Alzheimer's patients are threatening or scary-looking - are absurd.
Just when forensic experts were about to cut open his body, Jimenez was heard snoring while inside the body bag, and moments later they were shocked to see movement in the body.
A prisoner in Spain was found alive in a hospital mortuary Sunday, that too inside a body bag, after being declared dead by three doctors.
Multi sequin cross body bag PS20, Accessorize Failing that, you could just add a sparkly sequin bag to your LBD and you're good to go.
Aurora London does this very cute cross body bag, which can double up as a clutch and they will gold leaf your initials onto it for an extra PS22.
But if the conflict grows, the number of Filipinos shooting at other Filipinos will grow, and it would not be out of the question that a friend or loved one be one of the people who will end up inside a body bag.
It turns out he has a grudge against Macha, the man responsible for killing his sister-in-law, but when the heavies sent to put him in a body bag save his life, there begins a twisting journey that our hero only hopes will lead to him having his revenge.
Redherring red bow across body bag, pounds 12, Debenhams.
Somebody's going home in a body bag and it's not me," he said.
Cristina Aguilera opened her first body bag from Iraq expecting to find the remains of an American soldier, Sam.