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Major innovations are being witnessed in the body armor market as various manufacturers are designing body armors with futuristic requirements such as survivability, sustainability, mobility and lethality.
Our body armor products are designed by highly-experienced ballistic engineers and a network of supplier-partners including Honeywell, DuPont and Teijin," said Todd Mackler, The Safariland Group VP-Armor.
The Army continues to work with the test community for test improvements to provide the best body armor possible to the soldier.
Best practice--Complete a thorough inventory of all body armor, order required body armor and replace plates per Apr 10 message.
4 percent) nationwide reported that their officers wear body armor when on duty;
Therefore, both as a formal matter of acknowledging trademarks, and as a practical matter of correctly describing equipment whose constituents vary by supplier, it is not correct to describe body armor generically as Kevlar.
The Zeppetella case "changed the way that body armor is manufactured, tested, and sold," Emerson said.
It's becoming more prevalent for departments to use body armor for the dogs,'' said Pat Gros, spokeswoman for the National Police Canine Association, a nonprofit group that trains and certifies police dogs.
He said the Interceptor body armor now issued to servicemembers protects against most of the threats they face in Iraq and Afghanistan today.
A better solution would be to interdict the weaponry that makes body armor necessary in the first place.
Officers and troops have had to react quickly to unanticipated challenges with body armor shortages and the skill with which Iraqi, Syrian and other insurgents have deployed lethal "IEDs," or improvised electronic devices, also known in layman's terms as bombs.
30 of the 50 officers killed with firearms were wearing body armor when they were fatally wounded.
This vest is being replaced by the interceptor body armor (IBA) system.
1658) designed to limit the use of body armor by criminals has been introduced in New Jersey.
OLES then assisted NIJ with the establishment of a formal Compliance Test Program through which body manufacturers can have their stab-resistant body armor certified.