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Fletcher's play imagines, then, or perhaps bears witness to, a versatile subject position for women that does not invest a sense of self in a positive valuation of the body, or in a construction of body and soul as inseparably merged, but rather in changing forms of opposition to the changing mobilizations of conventional patriarchal structurings of the soul-body hierarchy, which sometimes demarcate and sometimes collapse body and soul in ways oppressive to women.
29) The body and soul together constitute the nature of human being and together comprise the quidditive determinateness of the human existent.
As Donne's poem continues, this movement across the borders of body and soul continues in both directions:
In my view, the author of de Victu presents body and soul as two distinct but not separable entities which are treated as a psycho-somatic unity and reduced (for the purposes of dietetics) to a single mixture of fire and water.
and marvelously drew forth a man discerning in body and soul.
The five homilies that explore the body and soul theme--Vercelli Homily 4, two closely related homilies based on the Nonantola version edited by Arthur Napier and Benjamin Thorpe (which occur respectively in MS Hatton 113, 114 and MS Corpus Christi College Cambridge 201), a homily edited by Bruno Assmann in his Angelsiichsische Homilien und Heilegenleben, and two homilies identified by Rudolph Willard that appear in Cambridge University Library (MS Junius 85 and Cambridge University Library, MS Ii.
1 album Mind, Body and Soul, Joss Stone has released her first DVD, entitled Mind, Body and Soul Sessions.
Body and soul are not two actually existing substances, but from these two is made one actually existing substance.
The dates follow the release of Joss' new single You Had Me on September 13 and her second album Mind, Body and Soul on September 27.
Finally Paesi falls back on tradition: he accepts the materialist position that the body and soul are identical because his grandfather and father before him had done so.
Piano, Body and Soul is a new course for adult beginners developed by Juilliard-trained pianist and educator Joan Harkness and composer/soprano Anna Dembska.
Welcome to Body and Soul, the Sunday Mail's guide to achieving health and happiness in 2002.
Sekou states that youthful questions must be asked about the hypocrisy of public policy, the ignorance of truth and violence against the body and soul.
In a discussion of "The Body and Soul of Modernism" Carby reads Nicolas Murray's nude photographs of Paul Robeson, as well as black male nudes by other European and American artists, and argues that for these modernists the black male body represented "essentialized masculinity.
25] Building on scholastic debates and responding to Protestant challenges, Catholic theologians by the seventeenth century had developed an uneasy reconciliation between body and soul that common beliefs and practices apparently echoed; this theology guided Huguette's questioners and frequently found support in Huguette and Leonarde's responses.