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The jury found that the other driver did contribute to the serious impairment of bodily function that Harris sustained and awarded him $40,000.
These days, we are regularly subjected to hideously explicit sex programmes, we have foul language on television all the time, we have soft porn masquerading as mainstream magazines, and pop idols cavorting in videos dressed like prostitutes, yet a harmless reference to a perfectly natural bodily function, without which none of us would be here, has the grannies up in arms.
The thyroid gland's influence is vital to bodily function but one woman in eight will develop a thyroid disorder during her lifetime.
To help focus attention on bodily function, the resident is asked if he or she is wet or dry every 2 hours.
A toddler is more likely to be confused than enlightened, and the whole deal suggests a bodily function more than a natural phenomenon.
Down on the English Riviera, if, in a moment of drunken weakness, you find yourself chucking up outside a kebab shop or peeing on a shop window, chances are a member of the local constabulary will hand you a mop and bucket before ordering you to get scrubbing until the site of your bodily function is spotless.
Nothing could be further from the truth, because a woman on the pill is not only not in control (or she would not need the pill), but she is not in touch with her bodily function, having put herself under an artificial chemical regimen.
The article provides a comprehensive overview of the numerous R&D efforts and hardware developments in Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES), in which low-level electrical currents are applied to specific nerves to restore or improve bodily function.
Vaguely insulting racially, with a desperate reliance on bodily function jokes while missing most comic possibilities.
If I were to take her seriously, I too would believe that the perfectly natural bodily function of breaking wind is the root of our crumbling society.
Mr Gerry McGovern said his client's bodily function may have interfered with the room's humidity which is part of the proof of evidence.
IF Van Wilder (Ryan Reynolds) and his collection of mostly unoriginal bodily function jokes had arrived even six months ago they might have raised the odd smile.
XL must refer to the size of the bucket they need to collect all his sweat - just about the only bodily function he doesn't joke about.
All the usual cliche characters are here and get a name-check, including Bitchy Cheerleader (Jaime Pressly), Pretty Ugly Girl (Chyler Leigh) and Token Black Guy (Deon Richmond) And that's not to forget the abuse of almost every bodily function.