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Synonyms for bodiless

Synonyms for bodiless

not having a material body

having no trunk or main part


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In Jia's films, bodiless sounds allude to economic, political and cultural impositions that bear no relevance to the depicted characters.
The brief, incongruous combination of the embodied and bodiless voices is in the Lacanian sense Sublime, that is, both sublime and monstrous.
In a lifetime dealing with the supernatural, he says he has seen things that cannot be explained, including ornaments flying through walls and bodiless voices calling to him from beyond the grave.
Perhaps the most surrealistic element in Devotees is the suitor who emerges as the victor and George's husband--a bodiless head that Pandahr "uncovers .
He contrasts the momentary victory of Dionysius, "shining olive-gold among the ruins of heaven" with the departing "ever more pale, bodiless, moon-like" Galilean--a victory of the embodied present over a redeemed future that he inserts into his own Rite of Spring.
The passions represent the other of the perfectly bodiless mind and infinite will.
Whitman then is not himself representative, he is merely if incantatorily indicative, on the left margin of a line that will continue after him and which preceded him, but also able to "Stop somewhere waiting for you" by sending his bodiless form through time.
Though it is a representation of dead bodies -- a number of whose chicken wire forms are laid out on the floor, topped with white fiberglass to suggest a shroud -- an enormous pile of bodiless heads at one end of the sculpture are unexpectedly cheerful looking.
thus linking him in his bodiless state to forces which lie beyond (9).
Only the Entrepreneur, who alone in his tailored, bespoke suit battles the forces of evil, without even a hint of assistance from his employees, his trophy wife, his cleaning lady, his driver, his children's daycare provider, the Illegal folk who paved his driveway and quite literally put a roof over his head, the bodiless hand that proffers him his coffee from the magic drive-through window, the faceless drones who rubber-stamp his decisions, the government-tit-sucking teachers who dragged him dully through his primary school, his middle school, his high school, his college .
Synaxis of the Archangel Michael and the other Bodiless Powers of Heaven (Eastern Christianity)
Indeed, institutions are bodiless entities and it is through their operations that the contours of reality are identified.
Thus, early feminist visions of the internet positioned the technology into a similar binary: on the one hand, the internet was a liberatory space that would revolutionize feminism and global activism and initiate a postgender, bodiless, utopian future outside current embodied power hierarchies; on the other hand, it was ah inherently male-dominated technology and therefore a male-gendered space that would reinscribe oppression onto the new sphere and would become the virtual continuation of (or worse, a new means of) real-world gender-and sex-based marginalization.
In the second half, everyone wore 3-D glasses for some startling special effects that had beetles, snakes, bodiless heads and rocks zooming into the auditorium.