bodice ripper

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a romantic novel containing scenes in which the heroine is sexually violated

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One bit was from Lady Chatterley's Lover, which I know is a very famous novel that used to be banned in the old days, and the other bit was from a racy bodice ripper by a woman.
Although The Other Boleyn Girl captures the pageantry and pettiness of the time, it's not the trashy bodice ripper it could have been.
But the king of the bodice ripper Andrew Davies is not to be outdone.
One of the problems with a lot of historical fiction is that if it's not a bodice ripper, it's often a novel that's top-heavy with research.
Oh yes, and she got her book published - a political bodice ripper called Elite.
Like The Honest Courtesan, the film's framed by flashbacks as Jeanne awaits the verdict of her trial and, rather inevitably, while sumptuous looking this hideously long-winded bodice ripper is stuffed with glaring anachronisms and attempts to sound contemporary notes.
The chain has now linked up with Hollywood bodice ripper and erotic thriller Original Sin, set in Cuba at the end of the 19th century.
My wrapping is so bad I want people to pull all my seams apart with all the force and speed of a lusty bodice ripper - because that's the end my efforts deserve.
The plot moves along at a snail's pace and this is certainly no bodice ripper.
Justin Chadwick's film sets out as a frothy bodice ripper with a snarling supporting turn from David Morrissey as their power-crazed uncle, but becomes bogged down in historical detail and rushes the climax, when Anne pays a terrible price for jealousy.
And Charlotte Brontae's classic love story looks set to be another bodice ripper of a ratings winner.
LESS bodice ripper, more the artistic expression of sapphism, it is extraordinary, since this is subtitled The Love Life of Natalie Barney and Romaine Brooks, that their story doesn't start until page 153 - of 253 pages.