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part of a dress above the waist

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What do we talk of marks and brands, whether on the bodice of her gown or the flesh of her forehead?
So the beautiful woman led the way; and the four maidens (one of them had sea-green hair, another a bodice of oak bark, a third sprinkled a shower of water drops from her fingers' ends, and the fourth had some other oddity, which I have forgotten), all these followed behind, and hurried the guests along, until they entered a magnificent saloon.
And the nymph with the sea-green hair made a courtesy down to the ground, and likewise bade him welcome; so did her sister with the bodice of oaken bark, and she that sprinkled dew-drops from her fingers' ends, and the fourth one with some oddity which I cannot remember.
The nymph with the bodice of oaken bark (she was the hamadryad of an oak) threw a handful of acorns among them; and the two and twenty hogs scrambled and fought for the prize, as if they had tasted not so much as a noggin of sour milk for a twelvemonth.
But let the elder be passed over here for those under whose bodices the life throbbed quick and warm.
Percerin being saved, made, out of gratitude, some beautiful black bodices, very inexpensively indeed, for Queen Catherine, who ended by being pleased at the preservation of a Huguenot people, on whom she had long looked with detestation.
I had only time, in dressing, to glance at the solid furniture, the framed pieces of work (done, I supposed, by Steerforth's mother when she was a girl), and some pictures in crayons of ladies with powdered hair and bodices, coming and going on the walls, as the newly-kindled fire crackled and sputtered, when I was called to dinner.
Sachdeva won for her label Bodice while Dubey's is called Antar-Agni.
Education Secretary Leonor Briones was in an electric blue baro't saya with embroidery at the bodice, collar and sleeves.
The Ripped Bodice shelves books by genre, so we bypass Bikes & Tats, Dragons, Highlanders, Bondage, Romance Theory, Time Travel, and Erotica and hit the Young Adult section.
Thigh-high stiletto boots and a skimpy bodice matched her pink hair, sunglasses and sequins.
A spaghettistrap bodice or a V-neckline will also showcase a slender upper body.
The cap sleeves, lace-front bodice and full fluttery skirt all evoke the delicate and innocent girl who quickly falls in love only to have her heart tragically broken.
If not, don your thermals and liberty bodice for a little while longer.