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In a sense, that's a good thing, and bodes well for a soft landing for both the construction and commercial real estate industries if and when the economy falters.
Mike Coolen, Canadian Superior's Director, East Coast Operations said today: "Significant gas shows and early indications of the higher temperatures and higher pressures at "Mariner" I-85 appears to confirm that the nearby proven reservoir gas system extends into this prospect and this bodes well for the next section of the well where primary natural gas targets are anticipated.
The Bodes retired in 1975 and moved to Paradise, where they lived for 16 years.
Gerold and Rachel Bode celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with a family party given by their children - daughter Lori and son-in-law Vince Granatelli of Camarillo; daughter Geri and son-in-law John Cusenza of Hidden Valley and son Jerry and daughter-in-law Jane Bode of Paradise, Calif.
The company's new contract and strong performance bodes well for the future, which could link up your investment universe with some solid returns.
A solid revenue performance and encouraging outlook for the future bodes well for shareholders, and could also mean better health for your investments.
While this performance certainly doesn't signal the end to the technology spending drought, it is a significant step in the right direction and could bode will for ORCL shareholders and the technology space in general moving forward.
The reconfirmation of future results bodes well for the company moving forward in this uncertain time, and could lead to improved earnings estimates if the momentum can continue.
e-Net's experience in this area, coupled with our expertise as a Sun technology partner, bodes well for further expansion into this market.
We believe that this bodes very well for 1998, and the addition of these local distributors throughout the country should enable Chicopee and Alpha Pro Tech to make great strides in providing a unique solution to slip and fall protection to the industry.
companies; and the recovery of the European and Japanese economies, which bodes well for a renewed demand for U.
What doesn't bode well is the potential for another terrorist attack, the possibility of which seems heightened by the upcoming election.
That doesn't bode well for this year's CSUN team (2-5, 1-4), which averages 316.