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a small Hispanic shop selling wine and groceries

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New to MundoVino's Spanish offerings: Benjamin Romeo's Bodega Contador (La Rioja) and Vins del Massis (DO Cataluna); La Guita (DO Manzanilla Sanlucar de Barrameda); and Vinos Valtuille Pago de Valdoneje (DO Bierzo).
We have stayed with the traditional dry Spanish sherry and have chosen Bodegas Gutierrez Colosia and selected an Oloroso and an Amontillado both at pounds 15.
The cops then ransacked the bodegas, stealing cigarettes, snacks, soft drinks, and other items.
Xavier Martinez Blanco of Bodegas Corral has been selling wines to the UK for over 30 years, and recognises the change in consumer taste since the introduction of New World wines.
Vineyard Bodegas Portia is the result of wine producer Grupo Faustino's investment of 13m [euro] in a premium part of the Ribera del Duero area.
A survey by the department found that bodegas in the neighborhoods supply more than 80% of the food for those communities, but healthy choices are typically not available; only one in three Central Brooklyn bodegas sells reduced-fat milk and other healthier foods, like fresh fruits.
Due for completion next February, this winery for Bodegas Protos, a long established firm of Spanish winegrowers, is a contemporary reinterpretation of traditional viticultural forms and construction.
With the growing Hispanic population within the United States, Beyond Bodegas is significant and highly recommended reading for anyone seeking to market a product or service to Hispanic consumers.
The majority of the businesses visited were independent grocery stores/delicatessens, or bodegas, although some were independent pharmacies and health food/botanical shops.
The joint venture Bodegas del Caribe, founded three years ago, is producing Cuban wine from grapes harvested in the municipalities of Batabano, Banao and El Wajay, all located in La Habana province.
But head a block off Duval Street and you find a world of porches and vines, roosters and cats, and corner bodegas selling cafe con leche and Cuban sandwiches.
If many countries are now producing wines thanks to new technologies, I think Cuba has possibilities to diversify its products," said Fantinel, a third-generation winemaker from Northern Italy who heads Bodegas San Cristobal S.
ALLIED DOMECQ, uno de los principales fabricantes de bebidas alcoholicas del mundo, compro Bodegas y Vinedos Graffigna y Vinedos y Bodegas Sainte Sylvie, de Argentina, por US$43 millones.
NAPKIN NOTES: Tango dancing (performers and instruction), Bodegas Etchart Argentine wines and a five-course dinner make up the Night in Argentina event ($34.