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Synonyms for bodacious


unrestrained by convention or propriety

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Sol Cheang takes over as director for this latest, unrelated outing, deftly balancing operatic outbursts of emotion and bodacious bouts of buttkicking, while Simon Yam and Wu Jing, veterans of the earlier film, appear in different roles.
HER older siblings are known for sharing pictures of their rather bodacious behinds.
If you've put in the work to secure your slinky silhouette a nd bodacious beachwear, you will want your bod to stay that way as the sunny days go by.
Their customers understand proper bathroom hygiene is the foundation for a confident, bodacious life.
There, the reclusive filmmaker, who never socialises with his actors, meets the bodacious beauty Ayesha, a filmmaker with some indie credit.
Britney perhaps had a more bodacious bum, but she couldn't touch the class of Miss Angie Dickinson.
Written in spunky, cowgirl lingo, "Alice From Dallas" takes young readers on a bodacious ride with a pair of pert, playground cowgirls who don't really come from the state of Texas but love the Texas cowgirl lifestyle.
Only one way to find out Celebrity Juice ITV2, 10pm Keith Lemon has banned Katie Price from appearing on this show, after she called the bodacious Kelly Brook a 'heffer'.
Add to this a ship full of bodacious pirates, a lost ornithologist and some daring dancing, and you have the recipe for creating a mystery thriller with a fair amount of lust, reflection and bikinis.
Mike writes some bodacious articles, but I've got to chide him on this faux pax.
Society would not view people with special needs with pity due to the fact that many had given back to society with bodacious achievements that rivals those of their normal peers, stressed Sheikh Mubarak, hoping that a law would be passed to ensure the rights of such sector.
Comes with two sea sponge tampons (which, when inside you, replicate your natural lady parts) with reusable cotton bag, bodacious body butter that's lube and massage oil, tea tree oil (a natural antiseptic for the sponges) and a dark chocolate bar with a love poem inside.
The Ram 1500 Crew Cab SLT, for this column equipped with all-wheel drive, optional 20-inch wheels, and a bodacious 5.
The hardware of poetry is between, beyond, bodacious.
This magazine depicted me clad in a suit of armor, holding a bodacious sword.