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Er bod y staff yn garedig, mae hi wedi colli Colin, ei ffrind gorau.
The Competent Authority, in line with rule 4 (4) of PSC rules, has appointed Haji Shoukat Ali, Independent Director as chairman of the BoD WSSP.
Chairman BoD said that we have to put Pesco on the path of success and profitability and suggested new ideas and proposals in this regard.
Ac er bod llawer o'r trydariadau yn ddoniol a digon difyr, dw i'n amau bod ambell un wedi gwneud mwy o ddrwg nag o les.
The BoD also reviewed the land lease prices for the project, as well as the investment application received from the developers for the large spaces.
Ar ben hyn i gyd, mae Gwyneth wedi bod yn derbyn llythyrau cas, dienw gan rywun sy'n gwybod am ei chyfrinach.
Unfortunately most of the microbial sensors account only for easily biodegradable organic compounds while in the case of bigger organic molecules and aromatic compounds they greatly underestimate the BOD values.
The election process for the YAL Regional BoD started with a Call-for-Nominations; open to all YAL members, followed by the announcement of names of nominees by the Hawkamah Institute for Corporate Governance.
Defence: Both are excellent defenders but BOD holds a distinct edge when it comes to competing on the floor after the tackle.
If you measure your bod against the long-and-lean Mischa, the teeny-tiny Olsen twins or even the girl who sits next to you in math, stop
TREMONT: Anaerobic mills treat only a small water flow with a very large BOD.
The meeting started with a call for nominations for the four elected BOD Officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.
The BOD holds legal responsibility for the organisation and for oversight of the advancement of the strategic direction.
This new BoD service allows carriers, ISPs and corporations to purchase dedicated or IP bandwidth on an as-needed basis or to sell their excess bandwidth through ACE's on-line proprietary software trading engine (ACE Virtual Trading Floor ACE VTF).
The first session included the current BOD and was chaired by the outgoing president, Ken Mathiasmeier.