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a very strong lager traditionally brewed in the fall and aged through the winter for consumption in the spring


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After one too many jars of ice-cold Shiner Bock beer had rendered our legs incapable of any further hoedown action, we headed outside, admired the classic cars parked outside, then slumped into a cab that whisked us back to our hotel.
BOO BEE: (Titillating Thai lemon drink) and AASS BOCK beer from Norway (it's rear-ly good).
According to Catholic News Service (March 8, 1999), a legend that dates to the 1700s says "the pope was asked to grant German monks permission to brew and drink bock beer during times of fasting.
based supplier has already introduced a spring bock beer, and
For a heartier meal, the signature "Bedda Chedda" bacon burger or simply grilled salmon with a Brother Benedict's Bock beer will be available.
I take the beer and dry it into a powder and mix it with sugar salt and honey so it is sweet and salty with the beer and use that as a dry topical coating on the chips" Better Stern the inventor and president of Portland Ore-based Beer Chips LLC tells Grocery Headquarters Bock beer is used and the alcohol evaporates during the drying process In addition to Beer Chips the company also makes Chip Shorts Margarita with Salt and Hot Potatoes Spicy Bloody Mary potato chips
Americans really don't notice mid-morning on the bock clock anymore, the traditional release of dark bock beer around Easter.
Americans really don't notice mid-morning on the hock clock anymore, the traditional release of dark bock beer around Easter.
CHEERS: Cains joint managing directors Sudarghara, (left) and Ajmail Dusanj, above, launched their Double Bock beer at the Liverpool Beer Festival where they joined other local brewers, right Pictures: MARTIN BIRCHALL
Sponsored by Liverpool's biggest commercial brewers Cains, whose new 8% Double Bock beer will be making its debut, this part of the festival will celebrate new Merseyside breweries whose numbers have grown from three to 10 in three years.
Quirky black and white pics and striking thistle pattern wallpaper mark it out from the more trad pubs in the area and it is one of the first places in Scotland to stock Stella Artois Bock beer.
Pates and Pickled Dishes--Barley Wine, Bock Beer, and Flemish Red Ale
include Hacker-Pschorr Weisse, Weisse Dark, Oktoberfest Marzen, Munich Gold and its Hacker-Pschorr Double Bock Beer.
of Pottsville, PA, celebrated their 180th Anniversary by re-introducing the Yuengling Bock Beer as a late winter seasonal.
He said the strong Bock beer will only be served in half pints "to fully appreciate the deliciously full, velvety rich flavours.