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wooden ball that is bowled in the Italian game of bocce

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A group of 10 volunteers runs the program's office throughout the year and more than 30 residents coach about 200 athletes between the ages of 8 and 80 in basketball, track and field, swimming, softball, boccie ball (lawn bowling) and floor hockey.
Steelers at Titans (-6): To be honest, I think Kordell Stewart's game might be boccie ball.
Mennona was among about 40 men and women competing on the temporary boccie ball courts that took over the Poindexter Park softball fields Friday morning for the contest.
For weeks, medalist Monica Lopez has practiced her aim and worked to strengthen her bowling arm in hopes of taking home the gold at this weekend's boccie ball competition.
Competitions include darts, bunco, boccie ball, checkers, walks, basketball key shots, bridge and duplicate bridge, bowling, canasta, cribbage, poker, golf, horseshoes and eight-ball pool.
Bamberger assumes it's the male fashion model, who wouldn't know baseball from boccie ball.
We have everything from lawn bowling - these elderly people all in bright white against the deep green of the grass - every afternoon but Wednesday, I think, to boccie ball, the Italian version of bowling, at the other end of the park and everything in between,'' Snow says.
The dynamic power of flying boccie balls, burning palm branches, or even a water sprinkler contained a potential energy that could be made visible only through photography.
Inmates enjoy weightlifting, arts and crafts, and amenities such as boccie balls for Italian-style bowling.