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Look for bobwhites along the South Platte River from Fort Morgan to Julesburg.
10, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- There was a major increase in bobwhite habitat management by the states in 2013 over the previous drought year and the National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative (NBCI) was approved for funding from the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Program.
Habitat selection modeling for Northern Bobwhites on subtropical rangeland.
Additionally, we wanted to collect data on northern bobwhite, a game bird of high importance to wildlife managers (National Bobwhite Technical Committee 2011).
Information on palatability and nutritional quality of seeds of exotic grasses compared to those of native grasses can help researchers formulate hypotheses regarding how encroachment of exotic vegetation may affect diets and nutrition, and develop management schemes that improve areas of exotic-grass-dominated habitat for northern bobwhites.
On really fast wild bobwhites on a windy day there was built-in compensation.
In Ohio, bobwhites probably did not appear until the nineteenth century (Wheaton 1882, Peterjohn 2001).
Twenty species of birds have lost more than half their numbers just since 1967, and some, like bobwhites and evening grosbeaks, are down by a whopping 80 percent.
The objectives of this project were to (1) determine the main food choices of bobwhites, and (2) compare food choices in each month of the hunting season.
Bobwhites, a native species, and Coturnix, aka Japanese quail, are two of the more popular types.
Urban sprawl and changes in fanning methods have been hard on bobwhites.
This might explain some of the declines seen in eastern meadowlarks, northern bobwhites and lark sparrows.
In the 3rd growing season postfire, Indigo buntings (Passerina cyanea) and northern bobwhites (Colinus virginianus) were more abundant in recently burned heavy use sites than in light use sites.
But houses now stand where I arrowed my first deer, and pavement covers the briar patches where I once shot cottontails and bobwhites.
When fed a tall fescue seed diet, bobwhites exhibit cloacal swelling that ultimately leads to increased mortality (Barnes, 1999).