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a popular North American game bird

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Augmented prenatal auditory stimulation alters postnatal perception, arousal, and survival in bobwhite quail chicks.
To answer these questions we used a series of captive and field experiments in north Florida to assess armadillo attraction to eggs of two species of conservation concern: the gopher tortoise (hereafter tortoise) and the northern bobwhite quail (hereafter quail).
We have also seen mice, snakes, grasshoppers and a tarantula, and importantly, no birds, particularly bobwhite quail," he added.
The chapter on bobwhite quail contains this quote by the outdoor writer Robert Ruark, "I never knew a man that hunted quail who didn't come out of it a little politer by comparison.
The company announced last spring a $250,000 commitment to create the Damascus Bobwhite Quail Habitat Project with several state environmental and habitat agencies to revive the declining species.
Food habits of bobwhite quail during January-March in southern Illinois.
So far, we have rehomed canaries, parakeets, Bobwhite quail, Chinese quail, a muscovy drake we have had 10 years with his two wives, a few geese ( I was very pleased to find a lovely home for them because one of them is doolally ( and two ferrets.
That's similar, perhaps, to the fact that another law recently named the bobwhite quail the state bird, beating out the turkey and the pigeon in a close race.
Public hunting clubs remain open through early May, offering released pheasant, chukar, bobwhite quail and huns as part of daily upland game-bird packages.
Rollins, an Extension Wildlife Specialist with the state of Texas, has worked for years to educate the public about the plight of the Bobwhite Quail and help improve habitat and management techniques.
We have large populations of deer, turkeys, bobwhite quail, armadillos and road runners--many species of mammals and birds.
The President specifically announced: 1) Early re-enrollment and extensions of CRP contracts; 2) new general sign-up of 800,000 CRP acres; 3) an initiative to increase bobwhite quail populations by creating automatic enrollment of 250,000 additional acres of grass buffers; and 4) a non-floodplain wetland restoration initiative to encourage landowners to enroll 250,000 acres of large wetland complexes.
Surrounded by wine country, this sprawling 19,000-acre ranch offers California quail, bobwhite quail, chukars and pheasants.
Sharp-tailed grouse and bobwhite quail are also losing ground.