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One, two, six bobwhites whirred into a cobalt-blue sky, one dropping at Jackie Hutwagner's shot.
When Eastern hunters head West they often find their light, open-choked bobwhite or ruffed grouse gun isn't the ideal tool--except, of course, for hunting Western bobwhite or ruffed grouse.
That makes our southern neighbor truly the last best place when it comes to hunting wild bobwhites.
Our objective was to determine northern bobwhite preference among seeds of 45 plant species associated with sand sagebrush-mixed prairie (Table 1).
survival, space use, and movement patterns) of bobwhite on hunted and non-hunted areas.
Bobwhite exhibited maximum embryogenic callus production followed by Ufaq-2000' Punjab-2011' and Sehar-2006'.
With the help of more than $6 million from the state of Texas, prairies west of Houston are being restored with native grasses to increase the population of bobwhite quail, whose numbers have been on the decline in recent years.
We also frequently observed eastern meadowlarks (4%), indigo buntings (2%), mourning doves (2%), and northern bobwhite (2%; Table 1).
Sleigh and Lickliter (1995) revealed that bobwhite quail chicks when exposed to substantially augmented amounts of prenatal visual stimulation continued to respond to maternal auditory cues into later stages of postnatal development and failed to demonstrate responsiveness to maternal visual cues.
Additionally, we wanted to collect data on northern bobwhite, a game bird of high importance to wildlife managers (National Bobwhite Technical Committee 2011).
An array of pitfall traps was established to measure activity density of ground-dwelling arthropod families that are potential prey items for Northern Bobwhite quail (Colinus viriginianus) on the Beaver River Wildlife Management Area, Beaver County, Oklahoma.
These birds have earned the unfortunate distinction of a spot on Audubon's list: American Bittern, Black-throated Sparrow, Boreal Chickadee, Common Grackle, Common Tern, Eastern Meadowlark, Evening Grosbeak, Field Sparrow, Grasshopper Sparrow, Greater Scaup, Horned Lark, Lark Sparrow, Little Blue Heron, Loggerhead Shrike, Northern Bobwhite, Northern Pintail, Ruffed Grouse, Rufous Hummingbird, Snow Bunting and Whip-poor-will.
EAST LYME, CT Brian Timothy Dagle, 19, of Bobwhite Lane died unexpectedly on Saturday, November 12, 2011.
With an unparalleled approach to conservation and preserving sporting traditions of Mississippi, owner Jimmy Bryan and his dedicated team made it their mission to restore the habitat to what it was in the good old days--when covey rises and bobwhite whistles were another wonderful aspect of life on the farm.
Conservation Practice 33, or the "Upland Bird Habitat Buffers," will be increased by 100,000 acres, and will be distributed in the midwestern and southern states that are part of the native range for bobwhite quail.