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riding on a bobsled

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Its mission is "to sponsor and promote design, technology, engineering and manufacturing of products made in the USA through the construction of bobsleds to be used in international competition; to provide a forum of public education through the leverage of sponsorship and promotion to increase awareness of bobsledding both nationally and internationally.
Though she hopes bobsledding is in her immediate future, Henry's long-term plan still includes the hammer.
I've got to prove I'm more worthy bobsledding than in work fixing aircraft navigation systems.
After a season of four-man bobsledding, Jackson decided to try something that would entirely count on his skills as an athlete, and skeleton was the road he chose.
By relocating to Utah, the club hopes to attract new athletes to participate in the thrill of bobsledding, and to drum up financial support and donations of goods and services for the athletes.
For sports that focus primarily on power and speed, like bobsledding and skeleton, a team approach to healthcare has proven to be most effective," shares Eugene Byrne, MD, an orthopedic surgeon who also serves as the team's chief medical officer.
Speeds exceeding 100 mph, sleek high-tech vehicles, a mountain of ice and an ever-present element of danger - bobsledding is so cool.
For an extra $2,995 above normal tuition and fees, students receive a season pass to two resorts and specially arranged winter recreation activities, ranging from backcountry skiing and yurt camping to bobsledding at the site of the 2002 Winter Olympics.
That kind of controversy is nothing new to bobsledding.
Enjoy snowmobiling, bobsledding, hot-air ballooning and horseback riding.
A two-week conference of the international federations for bobsledding and luge - the Federation International du Bobsleigh et Tobaggon and the Federation International du Luge - and EWP/VBFA was unprecedented in Olympic history.
In this week's story, Cruise Director Tim Donovan relives the excitement of bobsledding in one of the most unusual places O Jamaica.
In bobsledding, there's that brazen, bullish, boisterous energy.