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an adolescent girl wearing bobby socks (common in the 1940s)

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The shining steel and the retro appliances all give way to the actual furniture within the kitchen and the vinyl and linoleum appeal of the diner, the favorite hangout of many a bobby soxer.
Celena Schafer plays Gilda as a bobby soxer down to her teddy bear and wyncyette pyjamas but sings with maturity, beauty and purity of tone.
This is great news for image consultants and make-over gurus who rely on forty-something hausfraus to turnfrom middle aged bobby soxer into a having-it-all 90s woman.
Otherwise famous for the Juke Boxes that kept the bobby soxers hopping at high school dances or in malt shops from 1942 to 1945.
He also reports the colourful criticisms that greeted them, such as this from Max Kozloff: 'Art galleries are being invaded by the pin-headed and contemptible style of gum chewers, bobby soxers, and worse still, delinquents.
Granger recalls his studio-manufactured fan magazine romance with June Haver, and points out how MGM's Van Johnson, although a homosexual, "worked nonstop and soon became the darling of the bobby soxers," yet was continually pressured by Louis B.