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a flat wire hairpin whose prongs press tightly together


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Tuck the ends of your hair inside the twist and pin in place with bobby pins.
Repeat on the other side, then tuck both ends into the loop and secure with bobby pins.
Wrap hair around the base and pull the end of the hair through and secure with bobby pins.
Allow the lock of hair to fold in on itself and continue twisting into a little knot shape at the base of your ponytail, and then pin in place with bobby pins.
Gray advises twisting small hair sections and securing them with bobby pins while still wet, then shaking them loose once they dry.
Another space saving tip doled out is to use a Tic Tac case to store bobby pins and using a button to keep earrings together while travelling.
Spray with hairspray then comb and clip the backcombed hair in place, creating a slight bouffant with bobby pins.
Tools: Hot rollers, three elastics, bobby pins, hair clips, volumiser, hair spray, a teasing comb, a flat brush, black ribbon, patience.
Twist and pull upwards, securing the hair in place with bobby pins.
Normally spending half an hour with bobby pins and hair spray would be enough to jeopardise the whole day's program but with fewer patients I could help her and her thrill at having a nice hairdo was heart-warming.
7) Vogetti party bag with false eyelashes, bobby pins, glittery body puff, silver bracelet, free with Vogetti black and red irons, pounds 55, Paul Mitchell.
Wind the loose hair around the base of the pony tail in large rolls and secure with bobby pins.
A lot of bobby pins, Advil[TM] and Band-Aids[TM]," Christopher jokes.
Step 3: Take one plaited strand from the right side to the left, pinning it with bobby pins.