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a flat wire hairpin whose prongs press tightly together


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STEP 5: Continue tucking in the hair until it forms a nice, neat bun, then coming from an upward angle, push bobby pins into where you've just tucked in the hair, and secure as neatly and out of sight as possible.
The pin curls enable the even distribution of hair and also give anchoring potential for the wig-the wig can be pinned into the bobby pins for added security.
I slick back any loose strands and then slide in some bobby pins for keep everything all neat.
Have them thread the bobby pin or needlewith about 12 inches of floss or thread and tie their "head" to the end.
When I photographed follicle mites--insects that live on our pores--I scraped my forehead with a bobby pin to get a sample.
No coat hanger, no bobby pin, and the rain rejoicing more and more at my predicament.
After the plates are painted, this shape will be held together with a bobby pin.
com); Goody So Secure Bobby Pin, 79p (0844 4121182); Pantene Pro-V Extra Strong Hold Classic Hairspray, pounds 1.
Choose a band at least two inches wide, place it on top of the head and secure it in the back with a bobby pin if you need to.
We need to redesign the power system before a terrorist with a bobby pin manages to do deliberately what power technicians now do unintentionally.
Tap lightly to set the brad, then pull away the bobby pin, and hammer the brad all the way in.
Tosti with a bobby pin as the two Douglas High School seniors prepare for last night's graduation ceremonies at the school.
Women who don't know a bobbin from a bobby pin are flocking to fabric stores for ribbons and other decorative trims, reports Rosanne Sterr, manager of Joann's Fabric and Craft store in Woodland Hills.
Simply pin this underneath the ponytail with a bobby pin and finish the look with a strong- hold hairspray.