bobby pin

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a flat wire hairpin whose prongs press tightly together


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STEP 5: Continue tucking in the hair until it forms a nice, neat bun, then coming from an upward angle, push bobby pins into where you've just tucked in the hair, and secure as neatly and out of sight as possible.
Have them thread the bobby pin or needlewith about 12 inches of floss or thread and tie their "head" to the end.
When all the plates are dry, refold the plates into bowties and secure them with bobby pins.
Curiosity can get the best of a child left unattended for even a few minutes and it just takes a metal object like a bobby pin or paper clip.
Tosti with a bobby pin as the two Douglas High School seniors prepare for last night's graduation ceremonies at the school.
Women who don't know a bobbin from a bobby pin are flocking to fabric stores for ribbons and other decorative trims, reports Rosanne Sterr, manager of Joann's Fabric and Craft store in Woodland Hills.
Simply pin this underneath the ponytail with a bobby pin and finish the look with a strong- hold hairspray.
Or seeing the choreographer favoring girls with hair up off the neck while yours flows freely at shoulder length and you don't have so much as a bobby pin in your bag.
Part the hair in the center and place a bobby pin directly over each ear.
Section off hair, twirl each section around fingers and use a bobby pin to secure to scalp.
Tuck one end of a cord (get it at a craft store) into the top of the bun, securing with a bobby pin.
I just kind of tucked the left side up with a bobby pin.
A simple elastic or bobby pin combined with ingenuity can give a piece a whole new purpose in life.
Then, secure it at the nape of the neck with a few bobby pins.