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an informal term for a British policeman

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Bobby did not kneel and worship them, because British subalterns are not constructed in that manner.
Allowing for duty-men and sick, the Regiment was one thousand and eighty strong, and Bobby belonged to them; for was he not a Subaltern of the Line, - the whole Line and nothing but the Line, - as the tramp of two thousand one hundred and sixty sturdy ammunition boots attested?
They fought through the clear cool day, and Bobby felt a little thrill run down his spine when he heard the tinkle-tinkle-tinkle of the empty cartridge-cases hopping from the breech-blocks after the roar of the volleys; for he knew that he should live to hear that sound in action.
If you haven't a taste that way," said Revere between his puffs of his cheroot, "you'll never be able to get the hang of it, but remember, Bobby, 'tisn't the best drill, though drill is nearly everything, that hauls a Regiment through Hell and out on the other side.
He's taken to quiet boozing, and, Bobby, when the butt of a room goes on the drink, or takes to moping by himself, measures are necessary to pull him out of himself.
Here the Colour-sergeant entered with some papers; Bobby reflected for a while as Revere looked through the Company forms.
Bobby asked with the air of one continuing an interrupted conversation.
Revere was still absorbed in the Company papers, and the Sergeant, who was sternly fond of Bobby, continued, -" 'E generally goes down there when'e's got 'is skinful, beggin' your pardon, sir, an' they do say that the more lush - inebriated 'e is, the more fish 'e catches.
He wanted a little quiet and some fishing, I think," said Bobby.
When the spring died, Bobby joined in the general scramble for Hill leave, and to his surprise and delight secured three months.
So Bobby departed joyously to Simla Pahar with a tin box of gorgeous raiment.
said Bobby Wick, and ordered new white cord breeches on the strength of it.
We're in a bad way," wrote Revere to Bobby at the end of two months.
It was not the Colonel that brought Bobby out of Simla, but a much more to be respected Commandant.
Bobby received his orders on returning from a dance at Viceregal Lodge, where he had but only the Haverley girl knows what Bobby had said or how many waltzes he had claimed for the next ball.