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the amount of cargo that can be held by a boat or ship or a freight car

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Britain has warned the EU that it could return boatloads of radioactive waste back to the continent if the Brexit talks fail to deliver an agreement on nuclear regulation.
The sunfish, normally found in tropical waters, appeared off Coll as temperatures soared, delighting Shane Wasik, 32, and a boatload of tourists.
And he was able to deduct every penny he paid in state sales tax in Pennsylvania, another wonderful perk that would save the average Pennsylvanian a boatload in federal taxes every year.
What do you do when you have a boatload of money and nothing to use it on?
It's a support of the "childfree by choice" movement which hosts a boatload of fun personalities, and provides personal chapters reflecting on the questions people ask about choosing not to have children.
Hand-nailing metal connectors is easy enough, but it's a monotonous progress killer when you have a boatload of them to install.
2-inch touch screen looks good, but not great compared with other high-end smartphones packing a boatload more pixels.
Earlier this week, the Tawi-Tawi police reported that a boatload of people who fled the Sabah violence arrived on Sibuto Island.
After, the president visited to the headquarters of the Southern Military Region and the site of the Iranian boatload "Jihan 1" ,where he was briefed on the nature and quality of weapons contained in the vessel.
Third of all, being very important, very expensive, and very much on HBO, it always seems to be nominated for a boatload of Emmys, further adding to its aura of importance.
If a boatload of unauthorized DVDS of movies currently in first-run theatrical release arrived at an American port, U.
Summary: WASHINGTON -- The recent bumper consignment of US-China trade disputes will be followed by boatload after boatload of new problems in coming years, experts predict, but that may be little cause for concern.
Hove is down for a boatload of open-races on Sunday's matinee card, while Sittingbourne continues to produce top open-action on Sunday evenings.
The North has said Seoul is keeping hostage four North Koreans, from a boatload of 31 which drifted over the sea border in heavy fog on 5 February.
The question, therefore, is whether this boatload of Tamils - the second to arrive in Canada since last October - represents a desperate desire for survival or a diabolic attempt on the part of shadowy figures to rekindle the embers of a rebellion in Sri Lanka that was crushed last year.