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water travel for pleasure

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We expect all boat segments to see growth at boat shows-from personal watercraft to small family runabouts to fishing boats and large cruising boats-especially with the variety of exciting new boats being offered and as more people turn to boating in an improving economy.
The boat builders have been lamenting that having no boat park has greatly hindered country's boating culture and boats and water sports being used for the booming tourism industry.
The Boating and Family Health and Safety section includes information on three problems of special concern to those who might not boat themselves but who also enjoy recreational waters: disease-causing microorganisms, food poisoning from contaminated fish and shellfish, and personal injury from waterborne trash.
Many campers participate in boating activities safely each summer.
Hinckley's adoption of computer-aided design and computer-aided machinery (CAD/CAM) software is a good example of a corporate philosophy that embraces technology that was not originally intended for boating applications.
com/research/81db0a/global_recreationa) has announced the addition of the "Global Recreational Boating Industry Analysis and Forecast 2010-2015" report to their offering.
Many states require operators to take an approved boating safety course, so check before heading out for the first time.
Four boating guides are highly recommended picks for a range of boaters, from the newcomers to the neo-professional.
1 -- color) An emergency crew wheels a boating victim past one of the boats involved in a head-on collision Friday at Lake Castaic.
Recreational boating is a dominant element of the coastal economy," she says.
When you conduct boating activities each summer do you consider life after camp?
com/research/d0f95a/global_recreationa) has announced the addition of the "Global Recreational Boating Industry Analysis and Forecast 2008-2013" report to their offering.
Along with this increase comes an increase in the size of the state's premier boating sales event C the Detroit Boat Show.
As other categories of the retail world suffer, the boating industry continues to plow full speed ahead.
The first boating experience for many individuals occurs in a camp environment.