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a stiff hat made of straw with a flat crown

someone who drives or rides in a boat

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Boater requirements vary depending on a boat's size and whether it is motorized, Douglass said.
It would be a shame if increased numbers of boats in these new marinas drove away passing boaters like myself.
The unidentified boater failed to full close a lock at Milnsbridge and it drained dry.
A float plan for a boater is similar to a flight plan for a pilot.
Co-anglers compete against other co-anglers for a separate prize purse, which is only fair, since the boater gets first shot at the fish.
The 1997 National Survey on Recreation and the Environment found that from 1983 to 1995 the number of boaters increased 25% and the number of people swimming in bodies of water besides swimming pools increased over 38%.
You can be an active boater involved in planning long before you get on board, or plan as you go at sea.
From boater registration statistics we know that there are more recreational boats on the East Coast than on the West Coast, that there are more powerboaters than sailors, and that there are more day or weekend recreational boaters than extended-time-aboard cruisers.
Taking part in a boater education course provides a foundation of operational and safety instruction and covers all the basic rules of the water.
Nessenson stated South Jersey Marina is a boater favorite offering outstanding service and many amenities.
A boater spotted it and called Coast Guard Monterey.
Boater Martyn Sharpe's vessel has been stuck for a week.
Every boater is encouraged to be serious about boating safety, starting with the proper kind and amount of boater training.
WALDPORT - The Coast Guard and local authorities have suspended the search for a boater who went missing Friday after his 14-foot boat capsized about a mile offshore near Waldport.
IT'S YOUR BOAT TOO: A WOMAN'S GUIDE TO GREATER ENJOYMENT ON THE WATER comes from a female boater who draws on her twenty years in the Navy as a commanding officer to provide women boaters with a lively guide.