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a person who builds boats

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The Senora yacht, which was rescued from being broken up, and will be restored by trainee boatbuilders
Steven, who owns Isle of Skye Boatbuilders near Dornie, said: "I really am chasing the floating voter.
Boatbuilders who already have a CLC boat or two are encouraged to bring them along to show off.
Among the other artists and craftspeople at the festival will be blind boatbuilder Roger Hall, 61, of Plassey Street, Penarth.
As a boatbuilder, you spend all that time aligning to within four-thousandths of the transmission shaft, and as soon as you put the boat in the water, everything moves.
Even supporters are pessimistic on that last score, for, as retired boatbuilder Andres Luna told MSNBC (Oct.
On top of the joint lines, the boatbuilder applied a precut carbon-fiber tabbing impregnated with epoxy.
Ralph Stanley: Tales Of A Main Boatbuilder is not just the life story of a Southwest Harbor man, but the more than fifty year history of a thriving Maine family wooden boat building business.
Pernu's father was a boatbuilder, so since childhood he was exposed to the tactile and sensory nature of timber and gained an appreciation of its technical potential -- how it could be cut, shaped and jointed.
However, this space-program-derived synthetic seems to meet any requirement a boatbuilder could have.
Yet there is something decidedly old-fashioned about this often heart- rending tale of divorced single mother Theresa Osborne (Robin Wright Penn) and her star-crossed romance with taciturn boatbuilder Garret Blake (Costner).
Constructed from Carbon Fibre at boatbuilder CTruk s facility in Colchester, the 22 m crew boat is capable of a top speed of 30 knots, carrying up to a 30 tonne payload or 24,000 litres of fuel.
Students work in a well-equipped shop with a professional boatbuilder at their side and enjoy the positive energy (and extra hands) of a group setting.
Midlands luxury boatbuilder Sealine has been sold to a German investment group with production of its famous models being shipped overseas.