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having a concave shape like a boat

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There's an activity book to teach youngsters about the island's history and preserving the environment, a garden and even a boat-shaped sandpit.
All are commemorated in Sue Woolhouse's glass panel, while Melanie Hopwood captured the imagined work of the skinner in several boat-shaped ceramic pieces.
Despite competing against the world famous Three Graces on Liverpool's waterfront, the four-star Thistle is still an impressive site when viewed from the river, with its distinctive, boat-shaped design.
The sundae, served from a 26ft boat-shaped container, is now in the Indian version of the Guinness Book of Records.
One such item is a rare Nantgarw boat-shaped dish which would have been produced circa 1820.
We always grow a few each year, as the Yorke family used to -- they entered local competitions and in the hall we have a boat-shaped sweet pea vase that they won at the Shrewsbury Show in 1908.
Mr Miralles has put thought into his boat-shaped buildings for the chamber and committee rooms but the MSPs' offices are just a big, long, thin office-block on the edge of the site.
In the cafes, locals enjoy pastizzi with their coffee - boat-shaped parcels of puff pastry filled with ricotta or seasoned peas with onions.
Its first mail order catalogue is now complete and Mr Marlow is working on new designs, including a boat-shaped coffin.
There is an oval, boat-shaped, nickel-plated sweet pea bowl at Erddig that was won by Philip Yorke and his head gardener George Aitkins at the Shrewsbury Flower Show in 1908.
And it's said the swoops and curves of the boat-shaped building will channel any blast waves away and reduce damage.
The food was beautifully presented on plain white, boat-shaped dishes, the meat laid diagonally across a bed of finely chopped lettuce.
The company also offers a selection of alternative shapes, including square and boat-shaped pastry cases, as well as sugared and coated versions.
Simon's idea is a glass, boat-shaped building called The Floater while Kristina's is something called The Angel.
Sailboat Pop Molds: New from Cuisipro and with a boat-shaped base, you can make six treats at a time with plastic sticks, which come with the set.