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a race between people rowing or driving boats

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Not only is he a full-time student at Western States Chiropractic College (WSCC), but he is also one of the 26 students participating in the Annual Portland Rose Festival Dragon Boat Races.
Competing for attention as far back as 1927, the Henley Boat Races Day (which is the showcase for these five Varsity races) is acknowledged as a sporting event of national importance.
The Women's Boat Race takes place under the umbrella of the Henley Boat Races organising committee and has always been a hugely competitive and exciting sporting event.
RC Cola is the official soft drink supplier of the Miami Regatta as well as the title sponsor for the unlimited hydroplane boat race series.
The general admission parks from which the public can enjoy the boat races during Saturday's "Big Boy Free Day at the Boat Races" are Stockton, Memorial Annex, Erma Henderson, or Owens (marked areas No.
The Dragon Boat Races are important to Catholic Charities and also to our friends and partners in the business community.
The Boat Race of the North will be held between the rowing teams of Newcastle and Durham Universities tomorrow (6.
Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race to be held in the second week of August is considered to the best among all.
OXFORD University beat Cambridge by a length and a half to win the 159th Boat Race.
The 2012 Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, which was held on 23 June, was celebrated at Hong Kong's Aberdeen Harbour with great zeal, with the traditional Tuen Ng dragon boat races.
Central Japan International Airport, serving the Nagoya metropolitan region, opened Thursday an off-site betting station for boat races with a focus its operator says is on drawing foreign passengers or other people who are unfamiliar with boat racing.
ONE of the closest Welsh boat races to date saw rowers from Cardiff University once again come out on top.
The library has hosted the boat races for more than 15 years, according to Ms.
Besides F1 Power Boat races, it has taken care of the complex logistics for include international events such as the Doha Asian Games, MotoGP, Superbikes and Class 3 Boat race.
OLYMPIC gymnast Beth Tweddle made her first public appearance since Beijing to help launch the World Firefighter Games Dragon Boat races.