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the upper deck on which lifeboats are stored

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As an amphibious ship, Carter Hall has a well deck, boat deck and flight deck that allows it to provide food, water, maintenance, communications and medical care to other coalition warships, as well as Sailors serving on the OPLATS themselves.
It's a three bedroomed home with two bathrooms, with its own boat deck.
The MACT-compliant coating provides a layer of blister protection for boat decks and hulls between the gel coat and the laminate and also provides a high-quality surface appearance.
An additional fatality and four serious poisonings have happened since then on boat decks or in nearby water.
For marine businesses, TuffCore means increased strength and reduced weight for boat decks, pontoons, house and deck boats, with the material proven to stand up better in marine environment than traditional products.
Since Lew's reemergence into the fishing market, they have been building reels with a commitment to excellence and innovation, following the trail blazed by Lew Childre, the man who invented the low-profile baitcaster so common on boat decks today.
For plastics, the ABB group supplied systems for injection machine binding/unloading, routing and sanding of parts, and machining of boat decks and hulls.
Ashore, an eclectic mix of performers, from marching bands to shanty singers from around the globe, will perform on stages, boat decks and bars.
Rugged non-slip rubber soles help boaters keep their footing and won't mark boat decks.
The LEDP3W-6X2 high intensity LED light bar can serve as an ideal spreader light for boat decks, a headache rack for work vehicles or an inspection light for a manufacturer's assembly line," said Rob Bresnahan with LarsonElectronics.