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Synonyms for boastfully

in a boastful manner

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Cheerless and comfortless, boastfully and doggedly rich, there the room stared at its present occupants, unsoftened and unrelieved by the least trace of any womanly occupation.
Moreover, he had the appearance of a perfect ability to go on all night; or, if occasion were, all next day and all next night; whereas Mr Blandois soon grew indistinctly conscious of swaggering too fiercely and boastfully.
3) As George Warrington, Henry Esmond's descendant, rightly although boastfully tells the banker Barnes Newcome, George's ancestor drank claret 'and wore a motto round his leg long before a Newcome showed his pale face in Lombard Street' (Newcomes, chapter 36).
They in fact take a particular pride in an uninhibited expression, holding it up boastfully as a manifest of their independence of mind.
Didi had boastfully claimed on April 22 that the state administration was in the dark about the bogus schemes of the Saradha Group.
Bearing in mind that the NCP regime declared boastfully, not long ago, that there were no longer any Darfur rebels left as its Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) have crushed and exterminated them all
They're either all-out luxurious and embroidered, zingily colourful or boastfully macho in leather and hide.
He was less than frank when he boastfully read out a personal tribute from Labour supporter Brian Dempsey.
All of this becomes more astounding with the realization that Bill Clinton was able to point boastfully (if dishonestly) to budget surpluses during the waning years of his presidency.
He followed by boastfully saying this would more than match the generosity of the British public, as if it was some kind of competition.
Not exactly the thing to wear boastfully down at the pub.
It might even be Seve on the phone, knowing him," he said boastfully, as if this was an inspired guess based only on his own intimate knowledge of the Spaniard and his big heart.
Watching the white, brain-cell deficient, ill-educated and boastfully ignorant citizens of Oldham slow handclapping to the chant 'We hate Pakis' in the wake of the recent race riots, made a case for the quarantining of two-footed dumb animals.
Women blues singers from Ma Rainey to Koko Taylor have boldly and boastfully asserted their sexuality.
Earlier this year, KLSX picked up Scott Ferrall's syndicated ``On the Bench'' show, which all-sports XTRA once boastfully aired and promoted but eventually dropped when egos collided.