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in a boastful manner

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I thought, boastfully, that they never could break my heart, Mr.
Moreover, he had the appearance of a perfect ability to go on all night; or, if occasion were, all next day and all next night; whereas Mr Blandois soon grew indistinctly conscious of swaggering too fiercely and boastfully.
They in fact take a particular pride in an uninhibited expression, holding it up boastfully as a manifest of their independent mind.
Yet the DUP openly and boastfully displays its homophobia, ignores the democratic wishes of MLAs, ignores the views of the people of Northern Ireland, and gets away with it.
On Tuesday night, Trump dwelled boastfully on certain economic indicators - unemployment figures, the stock market - to portray America as a newly industrious land, dizzy with sudden riches.
The diehard loyalists of the (NCP) regime have been quoted as saying boastfully that nobody can oust them and that they would continue ruling Sudan unabatedly and unchallenged as long as their coming in 1098 was through the barrel of the gun --aka military coup d'etat.
Most everyone has quite rightly characterized it as insensitive, and the Ink corporate office has called it an inadvertent and ill-advised joke, but make no mistake: When they put that sign out there they did so with pride; they were boastfully taking some small measure of credit for cleaning up the 'hood, as it were.
Muslim cattle traders and dairy farmers are periodically lynched in the name of cow protection and the gruesome murders, committed often in broad daylight, are recorded in videos and boastfully posted on social media where unbridled majoritarianism is celebrated in offensive language and images.
The Coalition standard bearer boastfully informs his partisans of how prepared the party is to campaign in the same manner like it did in the first round of voting in October.
JDPI also alleged that Mrs Abgundu 'was released barely few hours after her arrest and boastfully roams the streets of Ijelu-Ekiti freely and in peace as if nothing happend while the victim is neither able to walk nor sit well and still groans in much pains and discomfort.
The skyline is peppered with red-tile roofs, majestic spires and towers built by boastfully rich merchants.
The onus for nuclearization in South Asia squarely lies with India, which first boastfully carried out nuclear explosions earlier in 1998 leaving no option for Pakistan but to give a befitting response by conducting a series of seven consecutive blasts in the Chaghi mountain of Balochistan province on the historic day.
Trump's latest self-inflicted spy scandal was the disclosure this week that he had boastfully revealed to Russian visitors his knowledge of highly classified reports about threats by Daesh (ISIS) to attack planes with undetectable bombs hidden in laptops.
It was hugely embarrassing to the regime, as it was boastfully launched on thenation's major holiday.
They were preoccupied with it, and spoke of their various shabby little conquests over factory girls and "skivvies" not with any sense of shame, but boastfully and arrogantly.