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Synonyms for boast



Synonyms for boast

to talk with excessive pride

to have at one's disposal

Synonyms for boast

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United Biscuits is relaunching McVitie's Boasters in a bid to reverse declining sales of the luxury biscuits.
65 [pounds sterling] Heinz Weight Watchers Meals 3 for 3 [pounds sterling] HomeprideCook InSauce 720g Price promotion 99p Kellogg's Coco Pops 375g/ 2 for 3 [pounds sterling] Frosties 750g Mars Disc 6 3 for 2 [pounds sterling] Mars Ice Cream 4 Price promotion 99p Mars Ice Cream 4 Bogof Mars Ice Cream 4 Bogof McVitie's Boasters 150g Bogof McVitie's Mini Cheddars 7 Bogof Nestle Cookie Crisp 375g/ Bagof Frosted Shreddies 500g Nestle Sveltesse Yoghurt 4 Bogof Pepsi 21 4 for 3.
range, BN, Ginger nuts, Hobnobs, Rich Tea, Krackawheat, Boasters, Ace, Riva, Taxi, Yo Yo, Tuc, Chocolate Gingernuts, Digestive Lights, Jamaica ginger cake,
In addition, the company has extended its Boasters biscuit range with an orange chocolate variant and introduced new packaging across its Baked to Perfection, Teatime and Temptations boxed biscuit selections.
Developments include a permanent Orange Chocolate variant to its Boasters biscuit range.
They were among the profound moral boasters toward war efforts hence kept social fabric intact during hard days of the war.
The Man sees it as his business to counter-balance the marinated tofu and low-fat houmous with chocolate and hazelnut Boasters, lamb shanks and selections of continental cheeses.
Though I always think they should be called the Baby Boasters.
And to prove it, here's a list to make you feel better about life: Blue Riband, Breakaway, Clubs (milk, plain, orange or mint, but surely NOT raisin), Butter Crinkle Crunch, Party Rings, Jammie Dodgers, Malted Milks, Rockys, Boasters, Taxis, Toffypops, Tunnocks Caramel Wafers, Wagon Wheels.
Great men, great nations have not been boasters and buffoons, but perceivers of the terror of life, and have manned themselves to face if' (CW 6:5).
Aintree has never been a great place for boasters but any remaining pretensions are now firmly curbed by the annual jockeys visit to the Children's Cancer Unit at Alder Hey hospital on Friday morning.
Obama challenged the boasters and the ranters - those who would rather destroy lives than lose face - to a new test: "Know that your people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy.
As well, human suffering and folly are dealt with in plays such as Abel and Second Shepherds, and tyrants and their torturers are profiled as cruel boasters in Herod and the Passion sequence.
The Apprentice is edifyingly moral: the empty boasters, invariably inept, are shown in their true colours and given the chop.
Koutoujian said the law would not ensnare so-called boasters, people who might brag of being a doctor, a war veteran, a sports star or something similar to win the affection of another.