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a private school where students are lodged and fed as well as taught

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To date, the BSHP has succeeded in organizing the United Church of Christ and the United Methodist Church to pass resolutions in support of boarding school reparations.
In addition to the social advantages, parents saw a Jesuit or Barnabite boarding school as offering a better environment for learning than universities.
She worked as an adviser to Prep students, helping to ease their transition into boarding school by sharing her experiences.
In Grunwald, 51TC 108 (1968), for example, even though a taxpayer took a professional's advice and sent his sons to a boarding school for their mental and emotional well-being, he could not deduct the expenses as medical expenses; the school was primarily for educational purposes, not regularly engaged in providing services for treating mental and emotional disturbances.
Gordonstoun has now been forced to close and sell the girl's boarding school it bought in England.
In the late 1800s and early 1900s, reservation kids were forced to attend Indian boarding schools.
When Maizon Singh accepts a scholarship to Blue Hill, a prestigious boarding school for girls in Connecticut, her world turns upside down.
Jakarta, Indonesia--In a crowded classroom at an Islamic boarding school, an American visitor interrupts a session on Islamic thought.
THE Harry Potter effect has been reflected in an increase in the number of children going to boarding school.
The books - which are set in a boarding school - had been discontinued by the publisher due to an apparent loss of appeal to the public which was attributed to the fact that very few children now attend boarding school.
The story is one of passion, in this case between two adolescent schoolgirls, roommates at an all-girl boarding school.
Straight actress Piper Perabo and lesbian director Lea Pool talk about coming of age, shooting love scenes, and the passionate boarding school romance of Lost and Delirious
Muscat: Hisham Mohammed Al Hashmi, a Takatuf scholar from Ibra, has taken to English boarding school like a duck to water, joining extracurricular activities and even becoming a prefect.
Speaking to the Boarding School Association, she said that teachers should be trained to become familiar with the language of the gay and lesbian community.