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a pass that allows you to board a ship or plane

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com/delta-wants-replace-travelers-boarding-passes-fingerprints-2569238) fingerprints as a boarding pass at Reagan Washington National Airport.
Delta's biometric boarding pass experience that launched in May at the DCA Delta Sky Club is now integrated into the boarding process to allow eligible Delta SkyMiles Members who are enrolled in CLEAR to forego a paper or mobile boarding pass in favor of using fingerprints as proof of identity to board their plane.
New Delhi [India], June 16 ( ANI ): Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju on Friday refuted reports that he helped Telugu Desam Party (TDP) MP Diwakar Reddy from getting a boarding pass, who reportedly had an altercation with a IndiGo staffer at the Vishakhapatnam Airport over the same.
Travellers flying through Dubai between June 1 and August 31, 2017 can now use their boarding pass as a privilege card.
Jaroszewski said that technical flaws in the automated boarding pass reader could deny tourists and flyers entry to any fancy local and international airport lounge.
If a group leader hands the TSA officer all of the boarding passes and IDs at once, it slows down the process because that officer needs to match each traveler with the right boarding pass and ID.
The BBC's Robert Peston tweeted: "I never show my boarding pass.
The system, which will be in place by June, will include four security lanes with automatic gates, four mobile/paper boarding pass scanners and four hand-held wireless boarding pass scanners.
The airline reminded me to print my boarding pass before arriving at the airport.
A quick swipe reveals the boarding pass and a second swipe displays the barcode allowing the passenger to get through the airport checkpoints and board the plane.
Peters said: "SITA's boarding pass is fully compliant with international regulations, including the TSA, so can be used at airports across the world.
From yesterday, passengers flying from Belfast International (BIA) with easyJet will be able to download their boarding pass via the airline's app, and scan it to access to their flight.
com and allows them to download the boarding pass without needing to check in again.
Travellers who download their mobile boarding pass via the airlineOs well-publicized web, mobile and automatic check-in options or via their SWISS iPhone app can now store it in their Apple Passbook after doing so.
15 -- With the new boarding pass card, Google now aims to smoothen and ease the process of travelling for its users.