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a private house that provides accommodations and meals for paying guests

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He first had a boarding house at 11 East Holborn, when he met Rosetta, and then moved later to Alice Street, where the couple opened a greengrocer's and coffee shop in Laygate Lane, on the site of what is today the Al-Azhar mosque.
During peak season, the boarding house - which opened its doors in May - was packed with dozens of new tenants whose owners had jetted off on holiday.
10 (SUNA) - The Secretary General of the National Fund for Supporting Students, Professor Mohammed Abdullah Anakraby has announced that the demolition operations , which were carried out at Al-Zahra boarding house complex , aimed at modernization and rehabilitation of these buildings after studies conducted by the engineering team confirmed that there are some construction flaws .
American student Colin had been studying at Atlantic College, in Llantwit Major, South Wales, when he walked away from his boarding house and jumped to his death on the nearby rocky coastline.
Colin had been studying at Atlantic College in Llantwit Major when he walked away from his boarding house in the middle of the night and jumped to his death on the nearby rocky coastline.
A gerontology center for the elderly may be established in Bishkek, as announced today at an information event at Ardager boarding house.
CARLPATRICK CONWAY It was the boarding house for Coatham School from c.
Mazzarella said the suit against the boarding house was filed after it was found the business is still operating without a license and there does not appear to be anyone in charge of it.
THERE is a familiar face on the photograph of a seaside boarding house in Cleethorpes in the late 1950s.
Last weekend witnessed a different kind of Halloween celebration with surfers with spooky faces hit the waves at the 4th Annual Haunted Heats Halloween surf contest in Santa Monica, California, hosted by ZJ Boarding House.
Dame Kelly will be at Queen Anne's School to officially open Maddock House, the all-girls (11-18) school's new state-of-the-art Junior Boarding House, and to deliver an inspirational speech to the students.
MASSIVE flames tear through the roof of a boarding house at a historic prep school.
COUNCILLORS have rubber-stamped the closure of the boarding house at a special school.
The lone woman charged, Mary Surratt (Robin Wright), 42, owned the boarding house where John Wilkes Booth (Toby Kebbell), 26, and others met and planned the simultaneous attacks.
The boarding house of Ballen's photographs is a physical place: a three-storey warehouse outside of Johannesburg populated by orphans, runaways, migrant workers and criminals.