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a measure used in computing board feet

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At the July 2014 Board Meeting, NPAC was charged to make recommendations regarding Board Rule 217.
Workers who operate our transportation systems have long been disadvantaged in their efforts to form a union by the National Mediation Board rule which required support from a majority of workers employed, rather than a majority of workers casting ballots.
The conclusion of the North Carolina State Board regarding a CPA who acts as a representative for a software owner and distributor was that such action is a violation of the state board rule prohibiting commissions.
In addition, the Board approved a charge for the Nursing Practice Advisory Committee (NPAC) to review and make recommendations regarding Board Rule 217.
While all the delegation criteria are important in Board Rule 224.
All nurses are required to know and conform with the NPA, Board Rules and Regulations as well as all federal, state, or local laws affecting the nurse's current area of practice [Board Rule 217.
29 maiden race were found to have violated the California Horse Racing Board rule against whipping "when a horse is clearly out of the race or has obtained its maximum placing.
Stewards Pete Pedersen, Ingrid Fermin and Tom Ward said they hoped to rule as early as Wednesday on whether Nakatani violated a California Horse Racing Board rule against whipping after a horse "has attained its maximum placing.
For advanced practice nurses (APNs), Board Rule 221.
He broke a rule," Denman said, referring to the California Horse Racing Board rule against whipping a horse after he has achieved his "maximum placing.
According to ex-administrator Farhat, Qadeer's appointment was too in violation of board rules.
There are a number of detailed requirements for gifted screening, referral and eligibility specified under State Board Rules and School Board Rules.
Additionally, our staff works with existing and developing nursing education programs in Georgia to ensure compliance with Board rules and regulations.