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a measure used in computing board feet

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Workers who operate our transportation systems have long been disadvantaged in their efforts to form a union by the National Mediation Board rule which required support from a majority of workers employed, rather than a majority of workers casting ballots.
The Board further authorized the revocation of the standing Board rule requiring all members of the Board of Directors who have reached the age of 70 years old to retire from the Board on the date of the following annual stockholders' meeting.
Valenzuela, 39, began a comeback on opening day following a nearly two-year suspension for his latest drug-related violation of California Horse Racing Board rules.
Now, in order to comply with Gaming Board rules, they have combined under the title Partners in Action sharing profits equally.
Interested parties will be able to obtain market information, investor information, issuer information and review OTC Bulletin Board rules.
Such fees violate California's unfair business practice statute and Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board rules that require that municipal brokers deal fairly with its customers and that its pricing and fees be fair and reasonable.
The foundation is paying the two officers about $2,100 each per month until the city Pension Board rules on their disability pensions.
Over 160 patent disputes were filed under the AAA's Patent Arbitration Rules in 2000 and all cases this year filed with the National Patent Board rules prior to the opening of the Center will be administered by the American Arbitration Association's White Plains office.
Ken and the rest of the AMSH Management team minimized the amount of time that AMSH needed to comply with SEC Bulletin Board rules as a fully reporting company.
As a result of the merger and subsequent filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Callmate, the surviving company, is fully compliant with all Nasdaq OTC Bulletin Board rules and will maintain its eligibility for quotation on the Nasdaq OTC Bulletin Board.
He stated that attorneys for AVBC had contacted the NASD listing qualifications personnel, and that upon receipt of the filing by the SEC (electronically received shortly after filing through the SEC's EDGAR system), the confirmation of receipt and a copy of the 8-K was to be faxed to the NASD listing supervisor prior to the close of business on September 1, 1999, which would then place AVBC in compliance with NASD OTC Bulletin Board rules requiring current reporting compliance.
NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Standard & Poor's CreditWire 8/11/97 --Standard & Poor's today released new financial ratios for its ratings of private colleges and universities reporting under new Financial Accounting Standard Board rules.
The Legal Department Seeks To Engage Experienced Attorneys In Administrative And Regulatory Law To Hear Testimony, Accept Admissions And Render Legal Decisions Regarding Billing Disputes, Environmental Violations Of Federal, State And Local Laws And Board Rules And Regulations, And/Or Other Matters Affecting The Performance Of Board Operations Where Applicable.
Additionally, our staff works with existing and developing nursing education programs in Georgia to ensure compliance with Board rules and regulations.
The current Missouri dental board rules do not use the term "expanded-function" assistant, but do provide that dental assistants who have completed board-approved coursework and "show proof" of competence may perform a number of orthodontic and restorative services.