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a board in charge of local public schools


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Morrill said the Board of Education cannot comment on the reasons behind Ms.
Moreover, as the newspaper reported, the Cobb County board of education had undergone some unusual turnover.
The Board of Education is receiving a centrally located administrative office directly on the campus of Lyndhurst High School--rent-free and the Township is developing a new youth center on land it did not have to purchase.
Brown v Board of Education was, to Ogletree, a decision flawed from the beginning and he does not seem to have an optimistic view of future court decisions.
Likewise, in Indiana, proposed legislation would prevent the state board of education from adopting a textbook if the book knowingly "contains information, descriptions, conclusions, or pictures that are false.
Board of Education case, in which the Supreme Court ruled that separate but equal education for blacks and whites was unconstitutional.
On the one hand, because of Brown we have a black superintendent, we have black people at the Board of Education who attend to curriculum issues, and we have quite a few of us who are principals.
On December 10, the Board of Education voted 4-1 to seize the property for the market-appraised value of $165,000.
The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) requires that teachers with temporary certificates secure student teaching supervised by university faculty and 16-week teacher-supervised in-classroom training.
Despite their objections to the Bible classes, the distribution of Bibles by the Gideon Society in the classrooms, and Bible readings over the intercom and displayed on walls and doors, the Board of Education and the Rhea County Commission passed a resolution in support of the school's action.
Franklin County Board of Education, 1979; Cofone v.
At mid-century, as the comfortable contract evolved, unions were in their heyday and were able to keep winning concessions from the Board of Education.
Quan explained that excessive school tax levies imposed by the Lake Superior Board of Education on seasonal tourism and service operations in the unorganized townships have become an unbearable burden.
Garden Grove Board of Education, California; National Education Association (Ind.
The national award is given annually to a state board of education member in recognition of outstanding service to public education.
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