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a member of a governing board

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Unlike the for-profit sector, where perks abound and board member salaries can range from a few hundred dollars to more than $100,000 a year, nonprofits rarely pay directors.
Resolution regarding discharge from liability for the board members and the managing director
Normally it's three strikes and you're out,'' said Hollywood board member Anne-Marie Johnson.
I think, just from observing over time, that the quality of the board member has improved.
Board members have a fiduciary duty to their buildings and their fellow shareholders, and a wide range of other legal obligations.
Another board member observed, "The voucher system seems unfair, discriminatory and elitist, as does.
On April 23, 1971 while serving as JPD Board Member at Large, Fairbairn died in an automobile accident.
A prospective board member should feel an informed and sincere interest for public library service.
When a board is assembled under pressure from angry members of the community and scathing editorial writers, the focus of attention becomes speedy implementation, rather than the careful selection of board members and the establishment of a viable mission.
Past] ACA Service: President, treasurer, board member, program chair, public relations chair and legislative chair, St.
The perception created by [Aramony's] poor judgments has been damaging to the institution," allowed United Way board member Robert E.
Shortly after moving into my building, I started a children's reading group, making more use of an underutilized area of the lobby that a former board member thought would make a great library.
The resolution, passed by a 6-1 vote Tuesday, allots five minutes to each board member per ``round'' on each item being discussed.
One hour 'quickie' meetings are generally viewed as largely rubber-stamp exercises and can be downright dangerous for a board member," says White.