board meeting

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a meeting for administrative purposes

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The powwow with the top manager is just one part of Levine's board meeting strategy.
First ordinary council of board meeting of 2016 has kicked off at Vodafone Arena Sport Complex located in ystanbul.
The Executive Board Meeting (EBM) decided to file corruption reference against Imdad Ullah, Director of Institute of Chemical Sciences, University of Peshawar and Others.
Anyone interested in seeing and hearing NCUA Board meetings live will now be able to log in, follow the open Board discussions and get an immediate sense of how regulations and other policy decisions are made.
Adding to it, will be a mobile phone and a BlackBerry, with frequent messages popping up and to assume that these messages will not take your attention away from the board meeting agenda is naove.
While the under-20s were enjoying a first win in their new home at Colwyn Bay's Eirias Park on Friday night, the WRU board had earlier that day staged their board meeting at the same venue.
Joanna Davis, chairman of Birmingham Children's Hospital, is preparing for the first board meeting today (Thursday) with a public audience at the hospital's education centre.
Paperless board meetings have been utilized for several years by the Texas Board of Nursing.
The Board meeting touched on several key issues and discussed the company's current and future performance.
San Marcos, Texas; Board Meeting and General Meeting.
The Middle East Duty Free Association (MEDFA) held its annual board meeting for the first time in Jordan at Le Royale Hotel.
NGRC chief executive Alistair McLean, who attended Tuesday's board meeting of the British Greyhound Racing Fund as an observer, yesterday welcomed the chance to do so, writes Jonathan Kay.
Then the course's landlord, Los Angeles World Airports, agreed to spend $250,000 for a new water line, after 100 Desert Air supporters carpooled to an airports board meeting in April in Van Nuys.
Mr Casteleijn will chair the first capabilities steering board meeting on June 21.
In addition, the educational philosophies debated in every school board election and at every school board meeting were connected to larger ideological and political issues.