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a petty officer on a merchant ship who controls the work of other seamen

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Bo'sun Franklin Ranises, 32, of Dapitan, Phillipines, said: "We have been getting about in Greenock a bit.
Oh, I am a cook and a captain bold, And the mate of the Nancy brig, And a bo'sun tight, and a midshipmite, And the crew of the captain's gig.
In The Tempest, which grafts a multi-generational Renaissance narrative onto a Roman comic template, Prospero and the bo'sun measure time with hourglasses (1.
I'm usually a bo'sun during the week when things are busy - like teaching musketry or sword fencing when I can wear trousers - very difficult to do in a dress which I do when I dress as a Georgian lady at the weekends.
THE ignominious departure of the RFA Lyme Bay from the Tyne to the Clyde would be more palatable were it to be sailed by Brigand Blair and Bo'sun Brown, both of whom to remain in Scotland.
Alan Jessop, trainer of The Bo'sun "We're not expecting too much because he's coming back from a long break and isn't the easiest horse to train, but he seems well enough in himself.
Variations of boatswain include bosun, bos'n, bo's'n or bo'sun.
He was a bo'sun in the Merchant Navy sailing the world, but admits the best sight was coming home to the Tees.