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Synonyms for blustering

blowing in violent and abrupt bursts

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I am unable to watch the Olympics due to the blustering jingoism that drenches the event.
To do that new blood is needed to take on the task - not a reliance on the blustering foolish old guard in the media sleepingpartner Cheaper entry for under 25's, more substantial links with universities, a few younger commentators.
For it was on the day they were spoken (just weeks after Star Trek's demise, trivia fans) that it seemed like human beings had managed to get something right for a change, even if it was orchestrated by superpowers huffing and blustering as they raced to gather up firsts.
Blustering winds that never stop, Continuous rain makes my house hop.
You don't need a blustering, hoo-ha Pacino Lucifer.
Taubman describes him as blustering, erratic, impulsive, cunning, and secretive, but also as a man who set the stage for changes to come.
Al Capp, the L'il Abner comic strip creator, parodied this event, creating a blustering, overbearing character called General Bullmoose who proclaimed, "What's good for General Bullmoose is good for the country
My favorite was Wind, 1968, in which a little bundled-up band of performers, shot by Peter Campus on a wintry Long Island beach, wage stoic battle against gusts and their own blustering clothes.
Little Voice (Miramax: 1998) There are echoes of Rain Man in this poignant and darkly enchanting Cinderella tale of a terminally shy girl living in the shadow of her blustering, oversexed mother.
In a surprising decision the court overturned Georgia's infamous 165-year-old sodomy law, leaving antigay politicians in the Peach State blustering about reviving the sodomy statute through new legislation or by an amendment to the state constitution.
She says that Maureen Holdsworth's marriage to blustering butcher Fred Elliott could have created one of TV's classic husband and wife teams.
In the Sophist Plato castigates two kinds of sophists, pseudo-dialecticians and blustering rhetoricians, while recognizing that there are legitimate practitioners of both dialectic and rhetoric.
CHANCER Like David Brent, there is something about this blustering bore that you can't help but warm to - and it has something to do with the fact that he is totally despised by those unfortunate souls who have to work with him.
Rather than blustering, he might be better employed sitting down and working out how the Scottish government could be more efficient.
No less fine were Anna Steiger as a robustly scheming Marcellina and company regulars Michael Gallup, as blustering but somehow amiable Dr.