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As a party, Labour needs to root out these ex-university self opinionated blusterers in favour of down to earth traditionalists who put the party and the grass root voter before themselves, something I believe none of the present candidates are capable of.
Looking over these exams, which countless kids sat during the 50s, 60s and 70s, what they reveal is not more fodder for the usual blusterers about declining educational standards and illiteracy.
I wouldn't necessarily agree with Williams, but even if we were poles apart I'd listen to him because he is a different species from the self-interested blusterers currently giving terrific impressions of spoiled brats squabbling over who gets next go on the rocking horse.
In both cases, when the going got tough, the blusterers got out.
But wearing my hat as a communications professional of many years standing, I can only look at the way BMW and the Blair blusterers handled the whole affair and shake my head in astonished despair.
For they all have clout, economic clout which gives them political clout, and they are unlikely to be as patient or tolerant or democratic, as the authorities in this country, and give little succour to so-called human rights blusterers who go like Cyclops about their self deluding tasks.