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a person who causes trouble by speaking indiscreetly

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And with Broadbent playing Arthur as a charming blusterer who wouldn't hurt a fly, there's no true conflict at script's heart.
Some people see you as being a bit of a blusterer but in reality you can be very sensitive.
Despite his rather antiquated public image as a bluff, Northern blusterer, he is deemed to be innovative, with all sorts of technical gizmos introduced at Bolton and the team has played above itself in recent years.
But, as the Surrey-born, Harrow-educated old blusterer has said himself, he's merely a pub bore with a microphone.
He might have some singularly unattractive characteristics - a sore loser and a far from gracious winner - and there is usually a sense of dark satisfaction when a serial blusterer falls foul of bigger bullies.
Buffalo Bill Cody was perhaps the biggest and best blusterer in Colorado history.
No one in the Innamorato explicity carries a torch for Castle Cruel, but when, elsewhere in Orcagna, Ranaldo kills a fat blusterer named Rubicone (the type of person who would have served at Castle Cruel and escaped), his deed is not forgotten by other inhabitants.
The first scene of Act Two has never been so powerful, the reformed courtesan Violetta's sacrifice of her new-found love for the sake of his family movingly expressed, her Alfredo's demanding father no more the sanctimonious old blusterer but now a tormented soul deserving our sympathy.
That quality is at odds with arguably the mightiest blusterer in theater history.
It was worth hanging in there, though, for the performances of Timothy Spall as a blusterer whose hot air masked his sad and lonely emptiness and Martin Clunes, as a Bible basher, still on the edge after a nervous breakdown.
If there is a touch of the blusterer in you at times, it might come out today.
Written for Spall, the part of the charming, slightly dim, lovable blusterer fits like a glove.
At last, Paisley looked what he really is - a foolish and ignorant old blusterer whose time is past.
Today, if you feel a blusterer has been giving you the run around, it will be easier for you to say how you feel.