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Synonyms for blushing

having a red face from embarrassment or shame or agitation or emotional upset

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45am train in Prestatyn 29-year-old Jon Meldrum asked his girlfriend Laura Haigh where the match tickets were, and she blushingly admitted that she had left them in the pocket of his car door at Prestatyn railway station.
So as we recoil, coyly, from this display of their devotion and blushingly whisper that the feeling is mutual, any piece seen in this light is through the rosy glow of lurrrve.
Madz doesn't believe in talking much about her emotions in public, but she revealed some of her secrets blushingly.
THE palest of pink and blushingly beautiful - that's the Chteau Coussin Sainte Victoire 2009 (Oddbins, pounds 13.
Folks start talking as he spends his afternoons with her, his wife blissfully innocent as she blushingly fends off attentions from a young English noble man, an international playboy who thinks that he's in love.
The Brummie TV presenter looked like the cat who'd got the cream when she blushingly confessed he made her "so happy".
On Thursday evening the Integra 2008 Festival - an event so vibrant and important in its assembling of so many contemporary music groups and technologists in Birmingham that it shouldn't have kept its light so blushingly under a bushel - was preceded by a crass musical commentary on a live BBC4 News broadcast.
the sunset over houses, the clouds so blushingly pretty,
The Racing Post's own superb sites have blushingly declined to be eligible for awards, for obvious reasons.
com, Izzadeen blushingly confessed to looking for "a second, third or fourth wife.
For Marlowe, in his "Hero and Leander" and "Hero and Leander Completed," Iyengar argues in chapter 4, the battle between skin tones, blushingly red, pale white, and black, are markers of "the struggle of narrative poetry to give birth to lyric" (103).
Others blushingly admit personal mistakes and analyze their actions in close situations.