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Consultants are pulling an Annie by blurting forth about how the sector is on the cusp of the era of mega gifts.
I said I was sorry and that he was autistic and he didn't mean it and then the man started shouting, blurting out, roaring really so I picked up my son and t ook him away as quickly as I could.
At a few points during his act Stuart name-checks the gay canon--for instance, clicking his heels and blurting "There's no place like home, there's no place like home" when he feigns exasperation with the crowd.
But then he went and spoiled it all by blurting out: "I am not saying we are going to find ourselves the majority in government.
7, 2000) comments, "No doubt privacy has sometimes been violated, however unintentionally: the well-meant blurting out of names and conditions during intercessory prayer, or some printed names and illnesses described in [parish] bulletins.
The aspects of the performing arts that we're highlighting this current season--the globalization (with special emphasis on Pacific Rim dance) of the art, the blurting of the boundaries between different art forms--theater, dance, music, and media, and artists working in new technologies--are of profound importance.
New Yorker critic Peter Schjeldahl confesses to blurting audibly at Cindy Sherman's recent show, and although he is a devoted fan of hers, it's easy to see why.
This idea, contends Jensen, goes beyond the official psychiatric definition of ADD, which focuses on three areas of behavior: inattention (such as difficulty concentrating on or finishing school projects), impulsivity (such as interrupting others and blurting out answers to questions before they are completed) and hyperactivity (including difficulty staying seated and sitting still without fidgeting).
More than half blamed alcohol for blurting out the secrets.
Lindsay Davenport, who lost to the unseeded Mauresmo in the Open semifinal, apologized profusely after blurting, "I thought I was playing a guy, the girl was hitting it so hard.
Photo: Larry Flynt (Woody Harrelson) is gagged by bailiffs after blurting out remarks in ``The People vs.