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  • adj

Synonyms for blurry

covered by or as if by a thin coating or film

Synonyms for blurry

indistinct or hazy in outline

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When I returned to my laptop later that day to unload the picture, I was rewarded with a murky, blurry shot, showing the kannon cropped from forehead to crotch, with no visible detail save half of the gesture from her left hand .
Myopia or nearsightedness--An eye that is longer than normal makes distance vision blurry.
If a person is nearsighted, he can see objects that are close up, but objects in the distance are blurry.
My vision is blurry, Carmen, and sometimes I drop papers I've been holding in my left hand and don't realize it until I look for them.
Every one is followed by a mad flurry of keypad tapping, followed by a blurry picture of me in some photo service I've never heard of.
The most famous bird video in the United States--a blurry 4 seconds released last year as evidence that the ivory-billed woodpecker still exists--probably just shows a common pileated woodpecker, argues a team including David Sibley, author of the popular Sibley bird guides.
The older image never fully comes into focus, its blurry edges instead merging with and subtly giving way to a crisply defined new image that re-creates the first.
Unfortunately, many of the images are blurry, and often there's no music.
All of this dark, steamy novel's characters may be fueled by lust, selfishness, and violence, but Cain's spare prose sketches their mixed motives with such blurry deftness that his readers sit on edge, not quite knowing what is happening or whom, if anyone, they can trust, until the very last words of the novel.
Easier-to-spot symptoms: frequent urination, excessive thirst, unusual weight loss, and blurry vision.
In the 1990s, her pictures are invariably hand-held and moving and, never one to beautify, they appear increasingly underlit, overlit or downright blurry.
The quality of still photos is great, but video projections may be slightly blurry.
That is why the only solution is some variation of the London Dublin Framework Document, worked out in February, under which Catholics would have to settle for blurry links to the Irish Republic and Protestants blurry links to Britain, and they would both have to accept a blurry power-sharing arrangement, in which neither side would have the upper hand.
Shoppers who want to make sure they are being law-abiding should beware of suspicious packaging that includes such things as misspelled words, blurry graphics and weak colors.